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Credible Mission

"To deliver sophisticated data systems and support lead generation exercises in an intelligent way, to dramatically enhance the sales and marketing results of our customers.
By helping our customers to monitor and measure these results, we will assist them in developing their strategies and tactics for success and gaining real benefit from better managing their customer & prospect relationships"
Andrew Smith - Group Chairman
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Data about your clients and potential customers is not only interesting, it is a vital tool. Successful marketers know that this information can help them develop strategies that are more successful and cost effective.

Caring for your data

It stands to reason that if client data management is not given due diligence with regard to address cleansing, database profiling, data auditing and business intelligence, the result will be poor quality data which costs money, time and more importantly customers.


Credible Data provides a fast easy way to ensure that your data is accurate, up-to-date and within legislative requirements. As data is core to your business, so quality and accuracy are core to your data.

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