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Auditing Your Data

The online database audit tool is a solution to help you to better manage your data.

There are 4 simple stages:

  • Upload your data
  • View and print out your detailed audit results
  • Select any services/enhancements you would like run
  • Download your Cleansed Data

 Click Here to start the Database Audit Wizard

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Database Audit Reports

Your Free Database Audit will cover several analytical views and reports of your database in detail.  These are broken down into the following categories for your convenience:

  • Data Accuracy and Information Completeness Report
  • Duplication Report
  • Data Legality Report

By matching your data against our telephone researched databases we are able to provide you with analysis for several additional areas as well as enabling the option of adding this additional intelligence to your database.

  • Industry Analysis
  • Company Type Analysis
  • Company Size Analysis
  • Geographic Analysis

The final phase is to generate models of the types of companies that are held within your database by looking at geography, industry, trading activities, number of employees, turnover etc.  This will enable us to learn a little about your database coverage of your selected markets, and offer you the ability to import and similar companies that you currently do not have on your database.

 Click Here to start the Database Audit Wizard

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