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Fax Broadcasting Services 

Credible Data offer the full service for fax marketing.  Depending upon your specific needs you can purchase any of our services to make up your successful campaign. Services Include:

  • Full Legislation Compliance
  • 1 hours Notice to Send your Fax Broadcast
  • Targeted Up-To-Date Data
    (which can be adjusted to suit your specific marketing requirements)
  • Capacity to Send 20,000+ Faxes an Hour
  • Confirmation of Fax Before Broadcast
  • Consultant Support at all times
  • Maintenance and Management of Suppressions
  • Use of Free Fax number for Suppressions
  • Full Analysis of Fax Number Failure (especially beneficial for client data)
  • And...  Only Successfully Sent Faxes are invoiced (when using our lists) 
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