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Our Lead Generation Programs ensure that you will achieve guaranteed results from your direct marketing budget.

Credible Data has developed two distinctive marketing programs to help you to achieve leads or onsite appointments (depending upon preference) for new prospects and to generate up sell opportunities from your existing client base. These can be used separately to achieve campaign oriented results or, used together will deliver you a complete annual direct marketing strategy.

The program is designed to guarantee a level of leads/appointments for Sales Teams and/or Branches, Franchises etc. It also helps ensure that your marketing strategy and growth plans are met. The Lead Generation Program will deliver you new business, help you enhance the value of your existing customer base, and provide you with real-time access to reports and information that will ensure you make informed decisions.

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  • Control
    Empowers you to pre-plan your direct marketing activity for the month, quarter, year etc. As well as add new campaigns as and when required
  • Management
    Ensuring you get the best results from your selected Telemarketing Agency, Fulfilment House etc.
  • Reporting
    Full reports on productivity, outcomes, conversations, competitor analysis, market analysis etc. (Available instantly through your management console).
  • Versatility
    Once your Lead Generation Engines are running you can throttle the activity levels up or down to suit your immediate business needs.
  • Sustained Activity
    With the engine running in cyclic mode you can always be confident of a managed volume of high quality regular leads/appointments.
  • Increased Profit
    Reduces the cost of your new client acquisition programs and increases the productivity of your sales force.
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