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IT Intelligence Database

The IT Intelligence Database is designed to cover the best 25,000 companies for marketing IT products/services.

The target audience is selected from our Standard Corporate Database using an modelled algorithm looking at type of company, number of employees, location etc to identify companies that should be researched in greater depth from a IT usage perspective.

The data is researched on an integrated 6 month cycle where after a set delay from our Standard Research we call the IT Decision Maker and have a very technical, in-depth interview where we research the hardware used, software used, operating systems, mobile computing etc. required by most IT marketeers today.

We include a few breakdowns below, as well as a structure sheet explaining the fields and intelligence available for you to search across, or add to your in-house database.

This accurate information may also be used to profile companies that match certain criteria, so if you require a modelled database containing many more companies, we can always apply these models against our Standard Corporate Databases for you.

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Finance / Banking
Health Sector
I.T. / Telecoms Industry
Manufacturing Industries
Marketing Industry
Motor Services
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Publishing / Media
Retail Sector
Wholesale / Distribution
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