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UK Business Universe

Due to the wide coverage this file is ideal for targeting niche geographic or vertical markets as it hold nearly all of the companies.

How The Universe File Is Made Up

As mentioned in a previous section there is a total of approximately 2.2 million trading companies in the UK.  If we ignore all smaller companies that are less desireable to market to for the majority of products/services, such as one man taxi companies, mobile hairdressers, small independent retail outlets etc.  This will leave us with a total Marketable UK Universe of approximately 1.4 million companies.

We have the detailed Business Intelligence and multiple Decision Maker Contacts on the best 350,000 companies to market to in our Standard Corporate Database.

How The Universe File is Maintained

So to ensure our coverage includes the remaining 1 million companies we have developed the Business Universe File.  As this is a much bigger file to maintain with companies that are not in our top 350,000 list, we maintain this file slightly different to our Standard Corporate Database.  The data is all updated on a 12 month, rather than our standard 6 month cycle.  This gives the Universe File Data an average age of 182 Days.  We also only maintain who the Senior Decision Maker is as the contact, and slightly less business intelligence than in our Standard Corporate Database.

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